Wow what a trip! 
10 days in total. We went from Eindhoven to Stockholm by plane. And hired a car to start our roadtrip trough the rough scenic route. 

The first night we stayed in Uppsala, closeby Stockholm. After breakfast we drove along the many islands off the coast. At Älvkarleby we found the delta of the Dalälven river, which ends here in the Baltic Sea. Via Gävle and a lunch stop in maritime Söderhamn we went to Sundsvall. This is the largest city in central Sweden with beautiful, old buildings.

This was our complete route.

  • Day 1: Uppsala
  • Day 2: Uppsala – Sundsvall, approx. 320 km
  • Day 3: Sundsvall – Östersund, approx. 300 km
  • Day 4: Östersund
  • Day 5: Östersund – Idre, approx. 290 km
  • Day 6: Idre – Falun, approx. 245 km
  • Day 7: Falun – Stockholm, approx. 225 km
  • Day 8: Back to Holland ; End of our trip 🙁

A beautiful route along the Höga Coast, a nature reserve that is so special and beautiful that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then we counted on extra kilometers. Then we headed inland to Östersund, a pleasant town near Lake Storsjön.

We had a day extra in Östersund. Östersund is the gateway to the rugged, treeless mountain area where reindeer live and which has striking features with the landscape in Lapland. Snowy peaks are the rule rather than the exception. The impressive waterfall Tännforsen is beautiful.

After breakfast we continued through changing landscapes. Via Ljungdalen and the Helagsbergen with the highest peak of Jämtland (1796 meters) we drove over the treeless plateaus to Idre. Our stay for the night was surrounded by beautiful nature.

Along the tourist ‘Kopparleden’, the old copper road, we went to Lake Siljan, repository of folklore and ancient traditions. The copper town of Falun is a little further and was today’s end point. We visited one of the old mines to got an impression of life at the time when mining was an important source of income.

After breakfast we left Falun and continued south towards the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The city is built on 14 islands and is called the ‘Venice of the North’. The center consists of Gamla Stan, the oldest part with medieval streets. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.
I went here once before and i definitely want to come here again! So see you next time 🙂