I’m back! What an amazing roadtrip!
We made a 10 days trip trough central Europe. Trough Germany, Switserland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.
Let me take you on a quick photo tour below and let me know what you think of our roadtrip 🙂 

I always wanted to visit Switserland again. I’ve done a few short visits before, but didn’t explore the surroundings like now.
Our trip started at home, Holland. At first we drove a few hours towards the south of Germany. We stayed for 3 nights. Drove trough narrow mountain roads and visited a castle and some small villages.

After 3 nights we continued our way to Switserland. A five-hour drive trough beautiful landscaping and a stunning view at the Alps. We passed Zürich and Luzern, our final stop for that day was Beckenried. A small town at the Vierwaldstättersee

Our first night lake view with sunset. The next day we went for a hike on Mount Titlis (3.238 m).

The first meters we went by cable car. It departs from Engelberg and we stopped in Trübsee for a hike to Jochstock. With breathtaking views like you can see below.

Again after three nights, we continued our trip to France, in between we had a quick visit to Bern. Beautiful city with some amazing views and historical buildings. A few hours later we passed the border into the Vosges department.

The Vosges is a very peaceful area for hiking. The mountains are synonymous with softness thanks to the rounded shape of their peaks. And here you can read all about the Vosges and why you should visit it 😉

One of the many views in the Vosges during our hike.

After some lovely days at the Vosges, we headed home. But before we did, we had a short stop in the city of Luxembourg.
A city walk, coffee and shoot more polaroids.
Thanks and on to the next adventure!