In this issue of Kavel&Huis magazine you can find several shoots i made of different stunning houses. Plus they used my photo for the cover! That’s my first time for this magazine. So i’m really excited! 
Below you can see my coverstory and a serie i made in house at a architect and stylist. During an interview i shot some ‘at work’ portraits and photographed the interior and exterior.

I always try to look for creative angles. Overshoulder or see throughs, like through windows or other object that are on this location. It creates more depth and ambiance. Like this housing store says 😉
I’m always very excited to see my photos getting published in printed matter. After the photoshoots i send my selection of photos via WeTransfer directly to my client. After that it’s always uncertain what will happen to my photos. I question about what they will do to them in the layout. On the publication date i get the issue in my mailbox and i’ll find out! 🙂  So here you go!